PROGRAMME [download]                                                                                                BOOK OF ABSTRACT [download]

Day 1 – 18th May 2017 Metropolitan cities in the context of governance rescaling

Session: Regional design and visioning in governance rescaling

Valeria Lingua Visioning and designing in interactive governance [download]

Wil Zonneveld Prepositions: Enhancing governance capacity in metropolitan regions through regional design [download]

Alain Thierstein The renaissance of big plans. The role of regional design [download]

Session: The context: Governance rescaling across Europe

Graham Haughton Governance rescaling and strategic planning in England [download]

João Pedro Costa and Cristina Cavaco Territorial administrative organization and spatial planning from regional to soft spaces in Portugal [download]

Session: Effects of governance rescaling in spatial planning practices

Daniel Galland The strategic role of spatial planning in redefining scales and governance structures in Denmark [download]

Limonov Leoni Strategic planning in Russia: From national to local government approaches [download]

Anna Geppert The institutional reforms on spatial planning for French metropolitan cities and agglomerations [download]

Session: Visioning in governance rescaling: The Metropolitan city of Florence

Dario Nardella Shaping regional futures Florence Metropolitan City [download]

Andrea Simoncini The strategic plan in perspective: governance options

Fabio Lucchesi Representing and Communicating the metropolis: Florence [download]

Valeria Lingua Metropolitan Renaissance: A vision for the Metropolitan City of Florence [download]

Day 2 – 19th May 2017  Shaping the future of metropolitan cities: theories and practices

Session: Regional design and visioning: advancing theories

Valeria Lingua Introdution [download] 

Verena Balz Regional design as a discretionary approach to planning [download]

Annet Kempenaar How regional designing affects spatial planning [download]

Lukas Gilliard The synthesising competencies of regional designers

Session: Shaping regional futures through metaphors

Paola Viganò The Ville Poreuse and Horizontal Metropolis [download]

Michiel Dehaene Urbanizing in place – grounding regional design in a theory of urbanization [download]

Carlo Pisano The scale in-between and the Patchwork Metropolis [download]

Session: Shaping regional futures: metropolitan visions and plans

Anna Schindler Zurich Metropolitan visions [download]

Katlijn Van der Veken Antwerp, City of Tomorrow [download]

Roberto Mascarucci Spastial planning in Albania [download]

Session: Shaping regional futures: design approaches

Jelte Boeijenga Rebuild by Designing [download]

Daniele Ronsivalle Palermo Mediterranean Gateway City [download]

Agnes Förster Munich Metropolitan City

Valeria Lingua and Verena Balz INTERIM CONCLUSION [download]