The Regional Design Lab is a lab of the Department of Architecture (DIDA), University of Florence (UNIFI). The Regional Design Lab carries out research activities and offers educational services in the field of regional and large area planning. Approaching the analysis and practices of spacial planning of large areas from the point of view of  the theories of regional design, the aim of the Laboratory is to answer some of the common questions regarding the academic debate and satisfy the administrative needs of the regional government, which concern:

the increase in cooperative practices (beyond the traditional administrative boundaries and towards larger problem-areas) and the definition of appropriate policies which respect local differences;

 the institutional forms of cooperation (such as planning agreements and protocols, meetings of public agencies and service providers) and the relationship with the urban and regional planning instruments which are in force or undergoing changes in different procedural stages;

 the management of possible conflicts or difficulties faced by some agencies when undertaking projects in cooperation with other entities;

 the outcomes in terms of shared large area strategies.

Assegnisti e Borsisti

Luca Di Figlia

Carlo Pisano

Michela Chiti

Chiara Farnè Fratini

Raffaella Fucile

Devid Orlotti

Elisa Caruso


Matteo Scamporrino, Patricia Guerriro, Damiano Iacopetti, Alexander Palummo, Caterina Fusi, Michela Fiaschi, Annarita Lapenna, Lara Tozzi