Designing and visioning in governance rescaling

International Conference

Medici Riccardi Palace – Luca Giordano Conference Hall
via Cavour 1, Firenze

18-19 May 2017

Conference programme

Simultaneous translation English/Italian will be provided.

Conference host:

University of Florence (UNIFI) – Valeria Lingua & Giuseppe De Luca – Chair of Urban and Regional Planning – www.dida.unifi.it

Supported by:

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) – Wil Zonneveld & Verena Balz – Chair of Spatial Planning & Strategy – www.spatialplanningtudelft.eu

Munich University of Technology (TUM) – Alain Thierstein, Lukas Gilliard – Chair of Urban Development – www.re.ar.tum.de